Audio Video Installation and Maintenance

Diginue Technology has been providing nationwide installations of Audio Visual equipment for businesses nationwide. Diginue Technology. Focuses on getting the right AV solution for your business Diginue Technology uses the latest AV technology in providing the best in design, implementation, training, repair, and installation for companies across the country. No two companies are alike, so no AV installations are the same either. Diginue Technology spends considerable time with customers to determine the best audio visual system for your business.

  • Diginue Technology specializes in the following Audio Visual Installations
    • Digital Video Installations
    • Digital Audio Installations
    • TV Installations including HDTV, LCD, LED, Plasma, Projector Systems, Satellite
    • Moves, changes, add-ons, and repairs
    • Infrastructure Design, Labeling & Mapping

In new building construction, Diginue Technology’s AV installers work with the builder and architect to integrate Audio Visual into the pre-design and construction planning process. In existing buildings, Diginue Technology’s AV Installations include proper cabling and wiring for current and future configurations that prevent downtime. Our motto is: “Up Time, All the Time”. When installing AV equipment, Diginue Technology. Accurately tests and labels each jack from end to end and provides test results and “as-built” upon completion of each project..


Diginue Technology Can install AV systems in any type of building construction and are certified to perform installation services within government and education buildings. We also provide “Environmental Containment Units”, which includes AV installations and deployment within medical and hospital facilities to meet strict HIPPA guidelines.

Diginue Technology’s designs deliver reliable connectivity for your business. Our leading-edge solutions meet code-compliant needs as well as providing reliable, fast and cost-effective AV solutions. In many qualified installations Diginue Technology. Provides a “lifetime” warranty on all labor and material and uses only the highest quality audio visual components

The overall goal of the Services is to deliver to the customer a committed, consistent, sustained and excellent video-meeting experience for all users every time they use the service