Cheque Truncated System

Cts- cheque truncated system

Cheque Truncation speeds up the process of collection of cheques resulting in better service to customers, reduces the scope for clearing-related frauds or loss of instruments in transit, lowers the cost of collection of cheques, and removes reconciliation-related and logistics-related problems, thus benefiting the system as a whole.

In CTS, the presenting bank (or its branch) captures the data (on the MICR band) and the images of a cheque using their Capture System (comprising of a scanner, core banking or other application) which is internal to them, and have to meet the specifications and standards prescribed for data and images..

  • Benefits
    • Shorter clearing cycle
    • Superior verification and reconciliation process
    • No geographical restrictions as to jurisdiction
    • Operational efficiency for banks and customers alike
    • Operational efficiency for banks and customers alike

CTS offer several benefits to banks and customers, including human resource rationalization, cost effectiveness, business process re-engineering, better service, adoption of latest technology, etc. CTS, thus, has emerged as an important efficiency enhancement initiative undertaken by Reserve Bank.

  • Features
    • Imaging module for binary Front, binary Back, Grey scale Front, Grey scale back and UV only
    • Print 2 line endorsement of minimum 44 digits on the back of the cheque prior to imaging of the cheque.