The solar charge controller is control device which can control solar panel and transform solar energy into electricity then store to the battery bank .It can not only supply normal power for the areas with poor or even without electricity, like in the mountains, pastoral, border, costal island. But also can used as DC power of the Mobile Communication Base. Solar charge controller is the most important part in off-grid system, whose performance has much effect on life expectancy and operation of the whole system, especially the battery expectancy. Life span of battery will be shortened by over charge or over discharge in any case.

  • Performance Description<:
    • Reliability:Intelligentized, modularized design, simple mechanism, powerful functions. With industrial range superior components and strict production technology, the controller can be used in relatively bad working environment and has reliable performance and long life-span.
    • Pure Sine Wave Output: Compared with square wave and modified sine wave, the inverter has stronger load capacity. The us can drive inductive load and any other AC load within the required power.
    • PWM Stepless Dumpload Mode: dump residual power with division into thousands of stages. It can dump residual power while charging battery banks, which is benefit to effectively extend battery longevity.
    • Voltage Limiting and Current Limiting Charge Mode: attery voltage exceeds the pre-set floating voltage point, the controller will adopt PWM voltage limiting charge mode. It dumps the energy. When solar panel charging current exceeds pre-set brake current point, the controller will automatically start brake to battery banks.
    • Perfect Protection Function: Battery over voltage, over discharge, anti-reverse protection; output over load, short circuit, over temperature protection; lightning protection etc.
    • LCD Display Function: LCD screen can display system status and parameters via visual digital and graphic form. Such as: battery voltage, PV voltage, PV current, PV power, battery energy status etc.