Frequently Asked Questions on Products Order

Standard kiosk models with few modifications are ready to ship within 3-6 weeks of receipt of your order and necessary deposits. Custom kiosks and/or kiosks requiring special tooling or long lead components may take anywhere from 5-8 weeks from order placement.

Diginue Technologies provides software through our own in-house software development team, consisting of developers who have real-time applications.

Yes, if required. Diginue Technologies in-house integration team performs a variety of functions including component integration, wiring, software loading, testing and UL certification. Fees vary according to project requirements. Diginue Technologies also ships kiosks fully integrated and software-ready for loading your application. Please contact Diginue Technologies to determine the best integration process for your project.

Due to the proprietary nature of the kiosk market, all information shared between your company and Diginue Technologies is regarded as strictly confidential. For your convenience, Diginue Technologies utilizes a standard NDA and would be happy to engage in a signed agreement between companies. If you have devised your own NDA, Diginue Technologies legal department will review this document to ensure that the terms are acceptable by both parties.

Contact Diginue Technologies with your project requirements, model if selected and quantity needed. Diginue Technologies will send you a formalized quote detailing all of the specifics with regards to pricing, delivery and terms. Once the paperwork and required deposits are received, Diginue Technologies will assign a project manager to oversee the entire build and delivery of your kiosk project.