Off-grid pure sine wave inverter is intelligent equipment which can transform the direct current to stable alternating current. The apparatus is used to supply for Traffic inconvenience, the harsh environment of the mountain area, a pasturing area, border, islands and other areas without electricity.

The apparatus has decent appearance, easy operation, and visual indication of LCD, with the perfect protection function, high charging efficiency, and low no-load loss.

  • Performance Description<:
    • Reliability:Intelligentized, modularized, simple structure design with powerful function and stable performance; the high-quality components and the strict production process make the inverter suitable for severe environment. It also has reliable performance and long lifespan.
    • Pure Sine Wave Output: Compared with square wave and modified sine wave, the inverter has stronger load capacity. The us can drive inductive load and any other AC load within the required power.
    • LCD Display: The LCD display battery voltage, AC output voltage and status parameters.(Remark: If inverter output y ≤1kVA, AC output voltage will not display )
    • High Efficiency Transformer Isolation: Power frequency toroidal transformer, which ensures high efficiency and low loss of the inverter.
    • Perfect Protection Function: Battery over voltage, over discharge, anti-reverse protection; output over load, short circuit, over temperature protection; lightning protection etc.