A set of basic solar complete system is made of solar panels, mounting bracket,controller, Gel battery,inverter.

The function of solar panels is to change the radiation of sunlight into the direct current, to be used by load or store in the storage batteries for later using. Normally, connect solar panels into solar panels phalanx according to the request of customers and together with suitable metal brackets and junction boxes.

The function and complicated performance of controllers is different according to different systems, and it's determined by the request and importance of system. The controller is buildup by electronic devices and components, instrument, relay, and switch etc. The basic function of charge controller is supplying the best charging current and voltage for storage batteries, and charging the batteries in fast speed, stable and in high efficiency. At the same time to reduce the wastage, and prolong the life-span of batteries, to protect the battery from over charging and discharging. The charge controller can supply the DC by storage for the load.

Storage batteries are used to store the DC for load. In solar PV system, the batteries are in charging and discharging situation. At day, the solar panels phalanx supplies electricity for load also charges for batteries. At night, the storage batteries will supply electricity for loads. So, it has a request of batteries to be lower self-discharge and high efficiency of charging.

The function of inverter is to change the low voltage and DC which produced by solar phalanx and stored in batter into AC 110V/220V/380V(50Hz/60Hz), to be used by the load.