We offer CAD data migration and SAP data migration that generally leads to time consuming manual importing processes, out of and into the SAP PLM system. When updating the CAD version all existing data models usually have to be recalculated and this data has to be additionally filed in the SAP Content server without changing the existing data stock. Here the consistency also is to be observed and the continuous recalculation of all individual parts and assemblies of a CAD model is to be assured. The Migration is able to work while distributed onto several Workstations. This increases the throughput and the stability (load balancing) of the complete process (a feature of distributed systems). Each active Migrator processes work packages which have been especially assigned to it. The SAP system takes over administration tasks such as controls, Monitoring and Logging of the complete processes. This enables an overview of the status of the migration to be provided at any time. The migration process takes place outside of the SAP system on the CAD-Workstation. The Migrator organizes the Download of the data itself.

  • Our Competencies :
    • Largest SAP consultancy practice in Africa with extensive industry experience.
    • First in Africa to implement SAP S/4 HANA, the latest SAP ERP release.
    • Only consultancy practice in Africa to have implemented the most number of SAP Products with broad industry vertical experience. /li>
    • SAP Localized solutions: - Country Version Africa (FI, MM, and SD) - Africa Payroll (SL-PY) - Bank integration solutions – City, HSBC, and Deutsche - Global rollouts. /li>
    • Preferred local partner for SAP support services.
    • Serving cross industry, local SAP customers with a base of over 10+ SAP support customers.
    • State of the art Help Desk and Support offerings across all SAP modules and products.
    • Winner of SAP HANA Global Innovation award in 2016 - Three time SAP ACE Award Winner.