Structured Wiring and Cabling Voice, Data, Fiber Technologies, and WIFI

In today’s fast paced world, your high-speed and high-demand network, voice, video, and data all traverse across the same structured wiring and cabling systems. It’s important to make sure that your wiring and cabling systems have been designed for this need, and are set-up to handle future networking needs as well. Diginue Technology helps companies by designing, installing, testing and certifying complex Cabling systems.

Since 2000, Diginue Technology has been deploying certified cable technicians throughout the country to design, build, install and test wiring and cable systems to meet the performance, compliance, speed, and reliability needs of any size business. Our cabling and wiring team is experienced in fiber optic, category 5 and 6, category 6A, voice, data, Coaxial, Wireless Access Points, and more. Through our structured cabling solutions we can satisfy existing building wiring requirements or tenant improvements such as moving and adding new cable drops from ceilings, overhead risers, and underground conduit and outside plant connectivity. Our structured cabling solutions also include your new construction needs with comprehensive network design and planning for future needs.

We design, label and map all data, voice, and security wiring systems so your business has the details for new configurations for today and tomorrow’s needs. By implementing wire mapping and labeling your business has little to no downtime and provides cost-savings when systems have to be reconfigured. Our managed wiring systems documentation makes it easy for your network administrators to move and locate equipment connections. Once we cable your office, building or medical facility, you will only need to change a patch cord and your computer, printer, camera or telephone is now operational in a new location.


Our cabling team specializes in Moves, Adds, Changes, Repair, Infrastructure Design, MDF and IDF Design, Cable placement & Support, Wire Management, Termination and Testing, Labeling & Mapping, Conduit Installation, Aerial cabling, Underground cabling, Fiber Optic cabling, and Copper cabling. Our engineers are equally skilled in both new construction and improvements to an existing facility.

MDF and IDF Cabling Design

The Main Distribution Facility (MDF) is typically called the computer room, or communications room. This is the room or closet where the main system servers, routers, fiber switches, hubs, patch panels would be found. This is usually where the network demarcation takes place, and where your internal network responsibility starts. The structured cabling distribution would start from this room and extend to all workstation and/or phone locations. Our engineers can also work with your carriers to design and implement demarc extensions if needed.

Documentation of the network environment is critical, and in many ways can save considerable costs down the road. Once the initial network design is completed and implemented, the documentation effort provides a detailed map of the entire network. This is extremely useful when adding network drops or when attempting to isolate some unusual network activity. In addition to the enhancements to efficiency of network management, a well-documented and certified network infrastructure becomes key for satisfying network and data security requirements.

Structured Wiring and Cabling Training and Certifications

    • BICSI Member
    • Hubbell Premise Wiring Certified Installers
    • Panduit Certified Installers
    • STI Fire Stop Certified Installers
    • Bogen Paging Factory Trained Installers
    • Samsung Security Factory Trained Installers